Cougar On The Prowl by Sandra Claire

CougarOnTheProwlSusan has been a single mom for more than a year now, and she can’t stop lusting for eighteen-year-old Stephen, her son’s best friend. The young man is a soccer jock with a lean, lithe body, and with the way he ogles Susan’s generous curves, she knows he wants her just as bad. She’s been planning to make her move for weeks now, and finally, with her son out of the house, she puts her plan in motion. With only one hour to seduce this hot young man, Susan draws on every trick she can think of, and soon Stephen is helpless as he gives into his desires.

WARNING: This 4,700-word short story contains explicit sex between a hot young man and a seductive older woman that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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Published July 2015.