My Black Master Protector by Sandra Claire

BM3-My-Black-Master-Protector-2400Adam has been Tyrone’s sub for a couple months now, and with every passing day, he’s living more and more into his submissive role. His Master provides him with everything he needs and gives him sexual pleasures Adam never thought possible. It’s certainly helping him survive jail. But not everyone is happy with the arrangement. Paco, one of the most dangerous men in prison, is determined to take Tyrone down a notch or two — and he plans to do that by claiming Adam as his. A violent confrontation turns into a struggle for domination over Adam and it’s complicated by a realization Adam recently had… that Tyrone, his Master, is falling in love with him.

Protected By My Black Master picks up after the events of Pleasing My Black Master.

Warning, this 8,300-word short story contains explicit sex scenes between a submissive twink and a dominating alpha male that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

My Black Master Protector is available at these sites:

Amazon | Barnes & NobleiBooks | KoboSmashwords

June 2016

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