Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series by Cameron D. James and Sandra Claire


There are some lines not mean to be crossed … some desires that are forbidden. But try as one might, some taboos are simply too irresistible to hold sacred.

From a young man hooking up with his best friend’s dad, someone he’s always considered to be like a father, to a priest who engages in carnal sins with a parishioner, to a bombastic American president and his illicit love affair with an illegal Mexican rentboy … these men explore the forbidden, indulging in their deepest, darkest desires.

Collected in one volume are three such stories — tales of forbidden passions and devious desires.

Forbidden Desires is a 78,000-word bundle that collects Seduced By My Best Friend’s Dad, Erotic Love and Carnal Sins: Confessions of a Priest, and The President And The Rentboy.

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Forced Encounters by Sandra Claire

Forced-EncountersThis hot and sweaty bundle collects all six of Sandra Claire’s gay erotica stories. Each throbbing story features a randy young man who gets himself into a dangerous situation — a situation that quickly evolves into the most mind-blowing gay sex these young men have ever experienced.

Included in this volume are:
FORCED SUBMISSION: Matty finally understands why Scott has bullied and picked on him his whole life.
FORCED ENTRY: Desperate for money, Dylan makes the wrong choice when he breaks into a gay dom’s house.
FORCED TO TAKE IT: Christian risks it all to hit on the straight cowboy at the country bar.
FORCED IN PUBLIC: A flight to Australia lands Kyle in the Mile High Club with two older men. *** This story is banned on Amazon and is not included in the bundle on Amazon. If you want to read this story, please purchase this book on any other site. ***
TAKEN BY FORCE: Caught buying weed, Craig will do anything if the cop will let him off with just a warning.
FORCED BY MY COACH: Coach Brown has had enough of Kevin and his disrespectful attitude, and tonight he’s going to get exactly what he’s been craving.

WARNING: This 28,000-word short story collection contains multiple explicit sex scenes between dominant Alpha men and the submissive men who live to serve them and will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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February 2016.

Forced By My Coach by Sandra Claire

F6-Forced-By-My-CoachCoach Brown has had enough of Kevin, the disrespectful and undisciplined hockey player who’s also the son of a major donor to the university. As much as he wants to get rid of Kevin, he can’t. After a night of running Kevin through a series of punishing drills, he overhears the younger man trash-talking him in the showers. All of Coach Brown’s self-control vanishes as he storms into the shower and confronts Kevin — he’s off the team unless he gives Coach Brown a real good reason not to.

WARNING: This 4,400-word short story contains an explicit sex scene between a dominating older coach and his younger athlete that will leave you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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February 2016.

Seduced by My Best Friend’s Dad by Cameron D. James and Sandra Claire

Jay has a crush on Richard, his best friend’s dad. Richard is older, very masculine, cares about Jay, and is extremely sexy. There are just the problems of Richard being straight, married, and the father of Jay’s life-long best friend.

When Richard takes his son and Jay on a camping trip to celebrate turning eighteen, becoming men, and taking their first steps into the adult world, Jay struggles to contain his lust. Hitting on Richard would ruin the camping trip and destroy his friendship.

But when his friend takes ill and Jay and Richard enjoy some bonding time alone, it becomes clear that Jay isn’t the only one in the thrall of forbidden desires. A relaxing camping trip soon turns into a series of sweaty, erotic encounters, as Jay and Richard stoke this fire burning between them.

Seduced by My Best Friend’s Dad is a 30,000-word novella.

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Forced in Public by Sandra Claire

Forced in PublicWhen Kyle gets horny in the middle of a long flight from Canada to Australia—while stuck sitting between two hot, straight men—he can do nothing except try to hide his erection and focus on the vacation ahead of him. But then the straight guy next to him pulls out a gay magazine. With almost all the passengers fast asleep, Kyle decides to go for it and flirt with the straight guy—something timid, shy Kyle would never normally do, but maybe if the guy was interested, they could do something when they landed in Sydney. The straight guy can’t wait that long. He grabs Kyle and forces him to suck him off in the middle of the flight. The guy seated on the other side of Kyle, who had been fast asleep, wakes to the sounds of a blowjob—and suddenly Kyle, a man who never takes risks, is joining the Mile High Club.

WARNING: This 4,200-word short story contains an explicit oral sex scene between a young man and two older men that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

** This story is deemed “Too Hot For Amazon” — they will not sell it on their website! Please visit one of the other retailers listed below — don’t let Amazon dictate what you can and cannot read! **

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Published November 2015.